Friday, September 11, 2009

Nauvoo Temple

Yesterday I mentioned the Nauvoo Temple. I went looking online to find who built the larger model you can see the edge of in yesterday's post, and I found this much smaller version. The creator of this MOC (My Own Creation - any original LEGO design) has made three kits for sale on CraigsList.

He has several suggestions for their use:
*Build it as a family and discuss its history, its importance, your feelings, why we build temples. You can put it together in less than 30 min.
*Use it as a reminder to attend. Each time you go build one step. Over the weeks see your progress.
*Start 15 weeks before a family member goes for the 1st time and build a step each week.
*Parents can use in church as a quiet activity.
*Build it and display it.
*Use as a cake decoration.

I certainly appreciate using LEGO to connect kids with their religious heritage (I've previously blogged a similar idea for Jewish kids), and I also appreciate the enterprising nature of the original builder. As a LEGO builder I like how he did the triple archway in the front - good parts usage there.

The Nauvoo Temple itself was the second Temple built by Joseph Smith and his followers after they left Kirtland. It was destroyed by fire and tornado later after they moved from Illinois, but the modern LDS Church has built a replica on the site of the original.


  1. "Labels: architecture, Moronism"

    Err, surely you meant "Mormonism" and that wasn't some cheap shot? ;)

  2. D'oh! Thanks for catching that. I swear it was a straight-up typo. My sincere apologies to any of my LDS readers who might have read that and been offended.