Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Agostino Novello

Welcome once again to any new readers who may have found me via the New York Times article.

Matteo Di Termini was born in the thirteenth century in Sicily. After being nearly killed in battle, he left his career in law and government and entered a monastery, taking on the name Agostino (later Agostino Novello). He rose to prominence in the Catholic Church and was widely known for his brilliance, his humility and his charity. He had a particular love for children and for the elderly, and after his death was associated with several miracles, often involving saving children. He was beatified by Pope Clement XIII. Italian LEGO builder Mautara illustrated three miracles attributed to Agostino: saving a child from a fall, saving a child from a wolf and saving a knight who fell in a ravine, all taken from this altarpiece by Simone Martini. Given that inspiration, I'm guessing we can expect one more miracle to be illustrated by Mautara.

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