Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jesus statue

Thanks to Steve for pointing this out. From a story on Yahoo News:

This Easter, the Oensta Gryta Church in Vaesteras, Sweden, unveiled a LEGO statue of Jesus. There's another photo here. More details are in the original story.

Churchgoers had donated nearly 30,000 Lego bricks to build the 1.78 metre (5.8 foot) high statue, said Per Wilder, the pastor of the Oensta Gryta Church in Vaesteras, about 110 kilometres (70 miles) west of Stockholm.
The model was based on Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsens's 19th century work Christus, which depicts the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Wilder said the statue would remain permanently at the church and there were no plans to sell it to raise funds.

So if you're in northern Europe and interesting in making a LEGO pilgrimage, here's a possible destination (aside from the three Legoland Parks, of course).


  1. Önsta Gryta in Västerås mind you ;P Just an hour or so from here so I might actually have to take a look sometime..

    Oh, and neat idea for a blog, as well as a striking name. I'll make sure to keep a look on it!


  2. Hey Maedhros,

    If you do get there, be sure to take more pics and I'll link them from here.