Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Noah's Ark: The Brick Bible for Kids

I think this actually just came out yesterday. Brendan Powell Smith has released another book entitled Noah's Ark: The Brick Bible for Kids. You can get this on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or a signed copy though Brendan's site. It appears that this is a total rebuild and reshoot of the story as seen on the Brick Testament (which itself was a rebuild of his original version from 2002, so this is his third time at this story). At 32 pages with only a few words per page, this is focused on (from what we can see in the preview images) beautiful photography. This is a children's book and looks very age appropriate.*,**,*** I'm totally going to buy this for my kids.

* For those who may not know Brendan's work (and is there anyone who reads this blog who doesn't?), he will occasionally label his stories with warnings for violence or sexual content, and as I recall, in the original version of his story from 2002, when God looked down on the earth and saw if full of sin, we saw illustration that had some implied sexual goings-on. In this version (you can preview this page on Amazon) you see people fighting, some with weapons implying murder or war, some blood, and someone stealing a purse.
** This, of course, completely glosses over the question over why sexual content is age-inappropriate but violence and murder is age-appropriate. I'll leave that for other parents to debate. We do let our kids see movies with non-graphic violence, and even play with toy squirt guns. I realize that makes me a horrid parent in some people's eyes.
*** And of course, even more blatantly, this glosses over the question of whether the whole story where God decides to wipe out all of humanity aside from eight people is age appropriate in the first place. I'm sure Brendan would be the first to point this out.

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  1. So glad to know about this. I've got his older stuff and am pleased this one's appropriate for all ages (well, aside from the theological question to which you allude).