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Monday, December 8, 2014

Tian Tan Buddha

Hi all,
First up, I just wanted to apologize for my six month hiatus. I've been blogging about LEGO for nine years now, and from time to time I've just gotten a bit run down and distracted from my family of blogs. However, in the meantime, I'm constantly going through Flickr, Brickshelf, and other sites, and probably every day I bookmark a few more things that I keep meaning to post. I've gotten a couple of nice notes asking where I've been, and I guess it's time to come back. Also, during the year I save up LEGO books to review as people are getting ready for Christmas, and want to get those posted. And so, back to blogging. Hopefully I won't have too many interruptions in the near future. I've certainly got a backlog of great creations to feature.

The Tian Tan Buddha (here by Alan Boar) is a 34 meter tall statue of the Buddha seated atop a hill near the Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong. The rooms under the statue include a relic said to include some of the remains of Gautama Buddha. Earlier this year French artist Paulo Grangeon created 1600 paper mache pandas which he then displayed and photographed around Hong Kong, including at the Tian Tan Buddha, as reproduced here in Alan Boar's MOC.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back! No one does what you do, and with such a large "family" of blogs, no wonder you need a break every now and then.