Saturday, December 13, 2014

Church "At the Movies"

This ones needs a little background. The "seeker-driven church" movement is a trend in the past decade or so, particularly with many larger American Protestant churches, to focus much of their efforts, particularly around the Sunday morning service, at reaching those who might not normally attend church. This can often involve events with large media pushes to attract these unchurched people. One extremely common event is an "At the Movies" series - a series of sermons, generally in the summer, each based around the theme of a recent popular movie. Lifechurch is a multi-site church where this summer, in conjunction with their "At the Movies" series, the various campuses decorated their churches with a LEGO Movie theme. Sadly, none of the actual sermons was based on the LEGO Movie - I was kind of hoping they would be so I could look at it here, but no such luck (though if you know of a church that did a LEGO Movie sermon, I'd love a link to the audio). Anyway, the decor is worth checking out.

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