Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sacred grove

James Pegrum made this Druid's sacred grove. Here's his description:

200cBC, Medionemeton (now in Southern Scotland). A Druid leaves the Sacred Grove and heads back to his local tribe.
During the Iron Age the Druids were a priestly class within Celtic society, both in and beyond Britain. These priests played an important part in Celtic society. It took 20 years of training to become a Druid (according to Caesar). The Greeks and Romans writers also refer to the druids making human sacrifices, a matter which lead the Romans to pursue the druids and try to stop their religion.
The Druids carried out their rituals in Sacred Groves (Nemetons), which were small groups of trees were surrounded by a ditch and possible with a palisade around the enclosure (I've shown it with burning torches!).
The druids did not write and so their is little written records about these mystical priests. The main records come from the Greeks and Romans.

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