Friday, May 2, 2014

Official Anubis

Anubis has found his way into multiple official LEGO sets as well, the only religious character to do so (albeit from a dead religion). As the jackal-headed god is highly recognizable, he shows up in sets every time LEGO ventures into Egypt. The Oasis Ambush and Sphinx Secret Surprise sets both include Anubis statues.

Set 5988 is the Temple of Anubis, and he is both in a statue and in the heiroglyphics.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb features two Anubis statues, and also the Ark of the Covenant.

LEGO came back to Egypt a couple of years ago with the Pharoah's Quest sets, and again Anubis was there. As a sphinx in Rise of the Sphinx and then as an Anubis guard minifig in the Scorpion Pyramid set.

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