Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In the recent Colossal Castle Contest IX, Gothano won the 'realistic castle figure' category with his custom bishop. The title of bishop comes from a transliteration of the Greek word επίσκοπος, or episcopos, found in the New Testament. In the early church there appear to have been a few specific offices. Elders were leaders of local congregations (more like house churches), and a bishop oversaw all of these different elders within a geographic region. Deacons had a role of collecting offerings and using them to care for the poor and needy. Within the Roman Catholic church, bishops hold a similar role, overseeing all of the different priests who have parishes in a particular city or area. Gothano's bishop is in traditional attire, with a white cassock (clerical robe), a stole (essentially a long scarf), a mitre (hat) and carrying a crozier (the staff based on a shepherd's staff).

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