Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brick Testament Book

I missed the announcement before, but Brendan Powell Smith is coming out with a new Brick Testament Book, that will cover a large chunk of the Old Testament.

He's also posted some new chapters from Genesis (or are these remakes of previous chapters? I don't remember for sure). Today let's look at the first two:

Isaac Marries Rebekah - As always with Brendan these are very well done, and he uses new figures and torsos that weren't available to him when he last covered this part of Genesis. My favorite build detail is how he made kneeling camels. I also like how he came up with 4 different sizes of children in Gen 25:1-3.

Isaac Deceives Abimelech (aka 'Ah, Abimelech, will you never learn?') - He highlights the humor in that this is largely a rehash of a previous event. The combination of various white and blue elements is really cool, as is the perspective in this scene.

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