Thursday, August 19, 2010

What would Jesus wear to a fan convention?

Long time readers of this blog might remember that I wrote an essay on WWJB?, or 'What Would Jesus Build?'. Someone at the recent BrickFair fan convention produced this t-shirt. Personally, I think I should get some royalties if they were selling these. Or maybe someone should send me a shirt. :) Photo credit to OmahaMH.


  1. These were at BF09 as well. They're sold by the "bling desk" which otherwise only sells official BrickFair-branded merchandise.

  2. I met a guy with one of those (I think he designed them -- Todd Webb) at BrickWorld in 2009 and asked him if he was a reader of your blog. If I remember correctly, he said that the idea had actually come up as a joke at his LUG and hadn't heard of Godbricks. But he might be willing to sell you one... :)

  3. I guess I'll comment here, since the other discussion is over a year old. I was very excited to see you quoting Madeleine L'Engle in your essay. I love her non-fiction works, and that's pretty much the reason why my daughter is named Madeleine. I really liked how she also talked about how all artists are just feeding the lake, some with great rivers of work and others with little trickles. I've thought of that a few times since I've started building with bricks, thinking of my little trickle that is feeding the lake.

    I often think of LEGO as a distraction from loving God, though, and rather do imagine that Jesus would have given away his bricks and gone on with his work. Something about the "What Would Jesus Build" shirt rubs me the wrong way, maybe just because I think Jesus probably wouldn't be building. But... there is a need for art in the world, and so to some extent engaging in art is a great thing. Maybe I just don't see that as Jesus' calling. :-)

    In an ideal world, with no poverty and no evil (heaven?), Jesus would have the time to take up a hobby. ;-) Okay, that sounds funny to say.

    Anyway, gotta run. But I wanted to say I liked your essay.

    Katie (eilonwy77)