Monday, August 9, 2010

Luther's Seal

BrickFair 2010 was held this weekend near Washington, DC. Among the many creations on display at this gathering of LEGO fans was Mike Ripley's rendition of the Seal of Martin Luther (photo credit goes to Andrew Albosta).

Designed for Martin Luther in 1530, this seal contains many symbolic elements. The cross in a heart symbolizes Christ's sacrifice and a belief in this 'from the heart'. The white rose symbolizes joy, comfort and peace. The blue field is for a heavenly future surrounded by a golden ring symbolizing eternity. This seal has become a symbol for Lutheranism. A little bit of digging led to this explanation by Mike Ripley.

As he explains, this mosaic was designed by him as a group activity for a family fun night at his (Lutheran) church. Over 50 participants, including many kids, made 16x16 squares, that then got assembled to make the whole seal. From the video footage it looks like this was a great event, and the result is quite striking.


  1. Can I get the layout and Lego quantities from you?

  2. Hey,

    I'm just reporting on this creation I found on line, but from the video Mike Ripley is a member of Saint John Lutheran Church in Sudbury Massachusetts. It looks like this is that church's website:
    There is contact information there - perhaps they can get you in touch with Mike Ripley.