Sunday, May 2, 2010


Dita Svelte presents a great rendition of the Citadel of Alamut for the Prince of Persia theme. Alamut was an actual fortress city in Persia between 840 and 1256. I include this here because the thin tower inside the city to the right-hand side of this image looks like a minaret to me, so I assume that structure next to it is a mosque.

I go back and forth on the inclusion of creations in general from this area, as I understand this style to be called 'Islamic architecture'. I was corrected once when referring to it as 'Arabic', since, of course, there are a lot of Islamic areas (including Iran) that are not Arabic. 'Islamic architecture' styles can refer to religious structures such as mosques, and also tombs, which have a relation to religious themes, but also completely non-religious structures such as a fortresses or palaces.

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