Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shrine of Nasir ibn Brick

Muslims would see the treatment of saints in some Christian traditions, particularly Roman Catholicism, as bordering on idolatry, but they do revere teachers and other holy men as wali or 'friends of Allah', or hadrat or 'Great Presence'. Particularly among Sufis, but also among Sunnis and Shiites, the tombs of these men can be shrines and become the centers of pilgrimages and festivals. It should be also noted that there are branches within Islam that are opposed to the creation of shrines. Tanager presents the Shrine of Nasir ibn Brick, a fictional structure based on different aspects of Islamic architecture and typical shrines.

BTW, I'm very open to correction on any of my explanations of the religious aspects behind the LEGO creations I highlight. When I'm getting away from my own religious background I'm relying on things half-remembered from a college class years ago, aspects filtered through the US media, and my searches online.

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