Friday, July 10, 2009

Journey to the West

After reading up on the monkey king for yesterday's post, I realized that I'd seen this before. Another builder, known as Tiger, has a whole series of creations inspired by the Chinese Buddhist novel Journey to the West (both Tiger and EnigmaBadger came up with similar designs based on a custom hairpiece by AreaLight). Now I have to get a translation of this novel and read it to myself, but based on the Wikipedia plot summary I see the meaning behind several of these scenes, such as Sun Wukong's birth and discovery of the water curtain cave. Later on, Sun Wukong joins the monk Yuanzang on his journey to India, along with the half-man half-pig Zhu Bajie and the sand demon Sha Wujing.


  1. Any idea if such a set of the 4 figurines can be purchased and shipped? :)

  2. Simply put, no. One of the figs is the Gamorrean Guard from the Star Wars line:
    The head on another fig is from a Gringotts Goblin from the Harry Potter line:
    I think the Monkey King's hairpiece is a custom by Arealight, but I don't see it on his store page:
    The other pieces come from various other LEGO sets. Oh, except that beaded necklace. I don't think that's LEGO.