Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why is this night, no, a couple of nights ago, different from all other nights?

Sorry, I've been a bad blogger and didn't blog for the past couple of days. Two nights ago was the first night of Passover, the Jewish holiday that commemorates the Exodus from Egypt. The Israelites had become slaves in Egypt, and God heard them crying out. He sent Moses to confront Pharaoh, and caused ten plagues to come upon the Egyptians. Many of these events are illustrated here in LEGO by Athos. The Passover itself remembers the tenth and most horrible plague - God sent the angel of death through Egypt to kill every first born son. The only ones spared were the Israelites, who had sacrificed lambs and painted the lambs' blood above their doorposts, as seen below. Pharoah was so devastated by this plague that he relented and let the Israelites go (though he then changed his mind, leading to the confrontation at the Red Sea). Today Jews remember this night and the events around the Exodus with the Passover Seder, a ritual meal with lots of symbolism. See this post from last year for Joanna Brichetto's LEGO seder.

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