Friday, April 5, 2013

Jabba Sophia no more, well, not much more, well, for two years more

Revisiting an earlier story, the Austrian Turkish Islamic community is claiming victory, because LEGO has said that the set Jabba's palace is going to be discontinued at the end of 2014. They had previously complained was racist (really!) because it looks too much like the Hagia Sophia, or was it the Jami al-Kabir Mosque, or was it any building with a domed roof. LEGO responded that, no, they weren't changing anything in response to these protests, that products don't sit on the shelf for more than two years anyway. Personally, I think that LEGO has caved in to complaints from the Hundred Acres Wood because they aren't producing the Winnie the Pooh sets anymore. Really, when you read LEGO's response you can literally hear them beating their heads against the wall.

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