Friday, March 15, 2013

Saint Francis of Assisi

Since I don't know of any LEGO renditions of the new Pope (yet - c'mon, Catholic LEGO builders), let's take a look at his namesake, Saint Francis of Assisi (here by Constant Concepts). Francis was an Italian friar who lived from 1181-1226. He founded three religious orders, and is particularly known for his love for the poor. From the news I've read about the new Pope, this seems to be one of his primary motivations in choosing the name Francis. The saint was also famously a lover of nature, and legends that sprang up after his death recount stories of him preaching to the birds and calming a vicious wolf. No word yet if the new Pope is much of an outdoorsman. John Paul II loved skiing, so maybe we'll see Pope Francis backpacking in the wilderness. :) Okay, probably not.

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