Thursday, December 13, 2012

Joanna's dreidels

A couple of weeks ago I noted Joanna Brichetto's search for the perfect LEGO dreidel. She came to a final decision, which she then used as part of a Hanukkah carnival at her synagogue. Kids were able to build their own LEGO dreidel and take it home with them.

If you want to build your own, either for yourself or for an event for kids in your area, she's made up a set of instructions and rules for the dreidel game that you can print up and use.

She was even kind enough to send me my very own Joanna Brichetto original LEGO dreidel, which is sitting proudly on my desk as I write this. I'm happy to report that it spins really well, also. Thanks, Joanna!

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  1. You are welcome! Thanks for the post! This turned out so well at the carnival: I had kids from toddlers to 6th graders, girls and boys. A few dreidels hit the floor and exploded, but I think most made it home.

    I should have included the dreidel rules on the pdf, but I spent so much space talking about the value of building LEGO dreidels with kids, I didn't have room. I should definitely add a paragraph to version 2.0...

    I feel sheepish with the word "perfect" here on your site, of all places, but I hope your readers understand I mean perfect for my age ranges to build and to spin easily.

    Thanks again for the post. The more carnivals and classrooms with a LEGO DIY activity, the better. I saw kids who had never picked up LEGO pieces, or who thought they were too old (or too whatever) come to the table and build with a smile.