Monday, February 27, 2012


The Pantheon of Rome was originally built in the first century BC and then rebuilt in 126 AD. Sitting at the heart of the Roman empire, it was a temple to all the gods. As Christianity came to dominate Italy, this pagan temple was rechristened as a Catholic church, the Santa Maria della Rotonda. Standing in front of the real thing is a breathtaking experience. It's huge and completely dominates the surroundings. Luap31's LEGO version, shown here, doesn't come in at quite the same scale, but is a really nice build.


  1. "doesn't come in at quite the same scale:" chuckle. Love this. I wish LEGO made an open-stud dome/dish that could mimic the Pantheon's oculus.

  2. The 2x2 dish has an opening, but it would be tough to make this at that scale.