Saturday, August 13, 2011

Star and crescent

Eilonwy77 is a master at mosaics and patterns using LEGO. She was recently challenged to come up with the star and crescent symbols of Islam. While a six-pointed star is more commonly associated with Judaism, she says that in researching this she found some examples with six and eight-pointed stars rather than the more common five-pointed star. For the non-LEGO builders who may read this, the 36 degree angle for a five-pointed star is pretty much impossible* at this scale with LEGO pieces.

*Of course, that raises this as a challenge to all you builders out there.


  1. Sorry... I kept trying to post comments, and it wasn't working. I think it finally worked now, because I got to the approval page.

    Anyway, I was trying to say that the task was an Islamic star and crescent, or an Ottoman one. The six and eight pointed stars might be more related to the Ottoman version, but wikipedia tells me that those were holy symbols too. It also told me that the Islamic symbol wasn't established till the 1970s, which is surprising to me.

    I'd say more, but the kids are melting down....

  2. ^That comment (and this one, I see) was apparently posted under my maiden name. Oh well. Anyway, I tried a 5-pointed star, but it's not even. It might work tolerably for some purposes. Possibly. Anyway, here it is: