Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brick of Mormon

Steven Van Wagenen was looking for a creative way to teach his sons his faith and came up with re-enacting stories in LEGO form. The idea took off, and he and his sons produced the Brick of Mormon, a 200 page LEGO illustrated book of stories from the Book of Mormon. Follow that link to the site where you can see examples and purchase a copy for yourself.


  1. I hope they are sending some cash Rev Brendan's way, because this is a direct rip off.

  2. While I understand why you say that, I hope that we don't limit all tales illustrated with LEGO to the BT. Is my (currently defunct) Tolkien project a direct ripoff?

  3. Yes, Bruce. And where's my monthly check for March?

    I wondered at first if the guy behind the Brick of Mormon came up with his project independently of The Brick Testament. From looking at the sample content it seemed possible. His story retelling style is certainly different. But I did notice that his copyright page copies the text of my Church Permissions page.

    Anyhow, while I do think the idea of retelling scriptural stories in a series of still frame LEGO-illustrated photos was "my original idea", I don't think I can hold any legal claim to it. (Though anyone who knows better is welcome to correct me.) In the meantime, I will just concentrate on doing it better than the competition. Which, in this case, is not going to be hard.

    Seriously, was this before Mormons discovered hair?? ;)

  4. LOL. Hmm, I know very little about Mormon theology - perhaps they were preparing to take a Nazarite vow at the same time as the baptism?

  5. I received this as a gift, and if I didn't have regular contact with the person who gave it to me, I'd've ditched it long ago. I'm kind of embarrassed of it; the quality is NOWHERE near that of Brick Testament, which I regularly have a copy of out on the coffee table. I don't think it does the LDS church any favors, and since the obvious name has now been used and poorly executed, I'm not sure if/when we'll see a more professional attempt.