Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wars of Humanity

The Wars of Humanity site is devoted to stop-motion animation using LEGO (called Brickfilms) based on stories from the Exodus and Joshua. Their 20-30 minute films have won awards at various film festivals and have been shown at churches and other venues. It looks like they are planning on selling a DVD, or you can contact them via their website if you want to learn how to schedule their film. Their site hosts short trailers for each of the three films. Attack of the Plagues looks at the confrontation between Moses and Pharaoh. Price of Rebellion follows the Israelites into the wilderness after they leave Egypt. Jericho, the Promise Fulfilled takes the Israelites into the Promised Land (this last one I linked on YouTube, as the video on their site seems to be broken).


  1. Ah, the story of a massacre of children, women, and men presented at the "Kids First" kids' film festival.

    I, of course, can't help compare their illustration of Bible stories in LEGO with my own. I found it disappointing how much non-LEGO materials they used (where perfectly good LEGO solutions were available).

    Anyhow, I'll be quite curious to see whether they get into entanglements with LEGO's legal dept for selling a video of their LEGO-animated movies. I thought that was something LEGO has been none-to-keen on in the recent past.

  2. I have to agree on the non-LEGO material. It seems to be better with each new video they made.

    Did you ever get negative feedback from LEGO from selling your books? I would imagine this is somewhat comparable. Are you specifically thinking of LEGO vetoing the inclusion of a fan-made Brickfilm on the Spinal Tap DVD?

  3. What a wonderfully creative way to present a story of faith and hope for people of all ages! It is so encouraging to find family-friendly entertainment that doesn't compromise our values. I was amazed at the attention to detail and the accuracy of content punctuated with humor in this captivating stop-motion animation film. We not only enjoyed this film together as a family, but also shared it as a movie night with our neighbors. How refreshing to see young adults using their creativity in such a "constructive" way.